I-View was founded on the belief that mental health services should be accessible, professional, safe and convenient for everyone. Our services are  culturally competent and collaboratively driven. In other words, I- View's mission is to ensure that all people regardless of race, class, ability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.  receives quality mental health in care in addition to other health care services. Our collaboration with other professionals in the same location may be the greatest gift for our clients.  I – View brings together Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Therapists to collaborate with every client and forge a consensus treatment plan that further supports the journey to heal the mind, body, and soul.     


Our jobs as clinicians is to facilitate your journey towards wellness. At Unalome Healing Center we take a holistic and collaborative approach to treatment.  We use a combination of integrated mental health services, that include talk therapy, group therapy, faith-based therapy, Aromatherapy and if needed medication therapy to help our patients achieve and maintain their essential foundation.   


Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul


Location 1: 124 Northern Lights Dr. North Syracuse NY 13212

hour of operation:  Mon and Tuesday 8 am - 7 pm  Thursday 8 am - 6 pm. We are closed Friday


Location 2:  301 Slocum Avenue Syracuse NY 13204 

Hours of operation: Friday 8 am - 2 pm 


E- Mail : serviceinquiry@iviewtelepsych.com


 Clinic phone number: 315-391-7770


Private Fax: (315) 299-4841

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