Services we offer for convenience, access and self-empowerment

Tele-psychiatry:  I – view Tele-psychiatry software offers a simple, easy-to-use platform to connect clients with their mental health provider through the computer, tablet or cell phone. I – View strives to improve access to care for the communities we serve. We are committed to pioneering solutions that can add value to our relationship with the client and improve client care. Providing psychiatry services through telemedicine has been proven to be effective and well received for clients, serving as an innovative method to improve access to care.  Our Software is HIPPA Compliant. Click here to find out more about our software.

Walk and talk therapy: The client and the therapist are outside walking during therapy instead of sitting inside an office. Or perhaps meet at coffee shop. Many benefits have been reported by clients that have utilized our Walk & Talk Therapy. They have reported it can be more relaxing than the office. In the spirit of holistic care, it is a great way to jump start or support a fitness routine or active lifestyle Walking while sharing your struggles and life situations can also be meditative. Walk Talk Therapy encourages healthy activity for adults and teens.

Home Care Services: We offer treatment to the clients at home and help them and their families live with, and in many cases, recover from a mental illness. The stigma around mental health often prevents individuals from getting help.   We are inclined to make the client as relaxed and trusting as possible. In addition, we can create a home care plan supporting an individual’s treatment and management of daily life.

Education: After the initial appointment and any major changes in your care, you will receive a detailed email of your care plan that includes medications and intended use, session conclusions, and information about your wellness.

Text messaging:  We offer text messaging appointment reminders and texting is another means to communicate with your provider if needed.  Our text system is HIPPA complaint

All services listed above (i.e. home visits, tele – appointments etc) may not be covered by your insurance.  We are ready to help people who struggle with emotional problems and have no insurance offering affordable fee schedule FOR THESE TYPES OF SERVICES.

Location 1: 124 Northern Lights Dr. North Syracuse NY 13212

hour of operation:  Mon and Tuesday 8 am - 7 pm  Thursday 8 am - 6 pm. We are closed Friday


Location 2:  301 Slocum Avenue Syracuse NY 13204 

Hours of operation: Friday 8 am - 2 pm 


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 Clinic phone number: 315-391-7770


Private Fax: (315) 299-4841

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